Creative Souls


A micro-documentary series


In this evolving series, we explore some of the humans of Winston-Salem who make our community the unique and creative place it is today.

Vivián Joiner

Vivián Joiner is co-owner of Sweet Potatoes, a restaurant that helped blaze the trail of downtown revitalization when it opened in Winston-Salem’s Arts District in 2003. Take a look at our conversation with Vivián, and learn how the creative spirit of Winston-Salem acts as the magic element that has helped her business thrive for over 18 years.

Tommy Priest

Tommy Priest is a local creative, photographer, and owner of Coffee Park Airstream and Coffee Park ARTS. In this piece we take a look at some of the photographs he shot during the George Floyd protests of 2020, and hear his thoughts on photography, art, and what he views as the wellspring of creativity Winston-Salem can offer the world.